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CD DVD Burner

One-click CD-DVD Burner

Looking for a CD & DVD burner software? How about burning CD/DVD by a simple right-click? Our CD DVD Burner allows you drop any files, folders and other objects to CD and DVD simply clicking on them. This greatly saves your time, you won't even run the CD-DVD burner, it will starts automatically upon a right-click. What's allowed to burn with One-click CD DVD Burner? Almost everything you might want! Files, folders, pictures, music, video, office docs... You may even create you own audio CDs with One-click CD/DVD Burner.

Getting started with One-click CD DVD Burner

The CD/DVD burner adds "Burn to disc" item on the right-click menu so it's fantastically easy to start. In fact you don't need to run CD-DVD burner at all. Just select files and folders you want to burn and right-click them. Pick CD/DVD burner's option on the menu and it's ready to burn! One-click CD/DVD burner was designed for instant and hassle-free burning so it's almost automatic and no settings needed to be changed.

Burning a DVD with CD DVD Burner

Insert blank DVD into the drive, right-click the objects you want to drop on a DVD and click CD/DVD burner's item on the context menu. You may also select "Add to queue" option to burn it later. This postponed burning allows you to add files and folders from different locations to the burning queue and then burn them all at once. Actually it doesn't matter what type of disk(CD or DVD) is in your drive, One-click CD/DVD burner always set the best options to provide quick and reliable burning.

How to burn a CD using CD/DVD Burner?

In the same manner as burning any disk with One-click CD/DVD burner. Just insert a blank CD, right-click folders and files you want and select "Burn" option. Or pick "Add to queue" option if you're going to add more files to this CD and burn them all later. If you want to burn an audio CD (containing CD tracks) with One-click CD/DVD Burner right-click audio files and pick "Write audio CD" option. The CD-DVD Burner allows MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, APE and FLAC files be a source for an audio CD.

Does CD/DVD Burner erases CD-RW and DVD-RW disks?

Yes, together with other burning options One-click CD/DVD Burner adds "Erase" item to the menu. So when you right-click any rewritable CD or DVD you may see this option allowing you quickly swipe the disk. Also, automatic swipe is offered when you write to a non-blank media using One-click CD/DVD Burner.

Is it possible to burn ISO to CD and DVD with 1click CD/DVD Burner?

When you right-click ISO file you can see a CD/DVD Burner's menu item allowing to burn ISO to DVD or CD. You can done it in a click with CD-DVD Burner! Also, try our ISO burner if you need this function only.

Making multiple copies using our CD/DVD burner

If you need several copies of some data just select how many disks you want to burn and One-click CD/DVD Burner will do this for you! For copying your existing DVD to DVD or CD to CD try our One-click CD/DVD Copy software or download Clone My DVD

Full and trial version of One-click CD DVD Burner

Free download allows you to burn 5 disks without limitations, either CD or DVD. If you like 1click CD/DVD Burner and want to use it further please obtain full unlimited version and burn as much disks as you like! Free updates uncluded into the license. Your order is completely secure and safe.

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